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About Ossland Beverages

Welcome to Ossland beverages PVT. LTD. (Osmosis R.O. Water) - The Complete Water Purification Solutions is now a renowned name in the market for their high quality water purifiers. The Corporate Identity Number of company is U15137WB2012PTC174166. Company offer total water solutions for industry, homes and communities. Integrating process technology, design engineering and project management capability, we take end-to-end responsibility - planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts.

By creating quantifiable benefits for our customers, we demonstrate how efficient water management is a value investment. This is the Calcutta based company has received a significant popularity in the market for their high quality water purifiers at a reasonable price. The experts of the company have always kept a strict watch on the quality of their purifiers to ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Ossland offers industrial RO to meet the brackish water treatment requirements of industries. Industrial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System to purify water and remove salts and other impurities.

It is also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150-250 Dalton. Excel is backed by leading component suppliers including membrane manufacturers.


Empowering people & generating trust for 100% pure water. The OSSLAND Revolution began with an ambitious dream.

  • An India in which every person has uninterrupted access to scientifically purified and fortified drinking water, irrespective of geographical barriers or economic limitations.
  • The OSSLAND Revolution urges us to innovate continuously, to provide every Indian access to scientifically purified and fortified drinking water that is readily available and easily affordable; and to support initiatives that rejuvenate the Earth's natural sources of pristine drinking water.
  • We are a proven partner in water services, proudly serving our customers, our communities, and the environment.


We are proud to be your Reliable water company. Our business is unique - when customers are thinking of us regularly, that's typically a good sign. It means we are delivering on our promise of ensuring our customers have high-quality, dependable water service. And it's more than just working with our customers. It's working with elected officials, engineers, and contractors to make sure we meet our customers' needs and make wise investments in the future.

Through our years of experience, we've learned that one solution does not fit all. Across the country, we work with cities and communities of all sizes to help them solve their unique water and wastewater needs and challenges. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry allows us to consolidate the efforts that go into building a new, or updating an older facility. We help by managing the design and building process, and operating and maintaining the project once it is complete.

We also help our customers by developing infrastructure plans, making upgrades, as well as operating and maintaining water and wastewater systems and treatment plants that treat water from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Explore our site to find out what American Water has to offer, as well as what we do to care for and protect the environment we live and work in.


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Ossland Team

At the forefront of the OSSLAND Revolution is, a team that builds itself around a Vision, a Mission and Values.

Team Ossland, guided by the vision and energy of Mr. Nirmal R. Samanta, is shaping the OSSLAND Revolution into a movement that will transform the lives of millions.

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